About Dr Kong

Dr Kong Healthy Shoes Shop was established in 1999. We were the first to promote our innovative “Check & Fit” foot examination and insole fitting service and provide free profession foot examination to people of all ages. According to our customer’s feet condition, we recommend the most suitable and economical foot care products. Dr Kong is a corporation with a sense of mission.

Our staff is committed to our “EPS mission” everyday. Our “EPS mission” comprises of 3 areas - Education, Product and Sales. In the area of education, Dr Kong is dedicated in educating the public about the importance of foot and spine health. Though various channels, Dr Kong publicizes the information on foot and spine health. In the aspect of product, Dr Kong is dedicated in developing functional foot and spine health products. For example, the “BB walker 123” concept which provides bare foot concept, easily bendable concept and 3-D foot care concept to meet the foot care needs of children at different stages of their step learning. In addition, there is “Children Walker ABC” which is developed for children’s golden period of their foot development. First we help children to perform foot examination and measure their index of rear foot inclination. Then according to their foot condition, we match their feet with A, B or C shoe insoles which have different foot arch support and rear angle. Together with healthy shoes’ firm counter to stabilize heel bone, we help to make the best preparation for their feet’s healthy development. Recently, we have developed “multi- circumference” healthy shoes from 2E to 4E(narrow last to wide last).

Since the shoe heads have different circumferences, they are suitable for fat and thin feet. Therefore, more customers can find healthy shoes suitable for their foot shapes. In the area of sales, Dr Kong provides caring service through professional foot examination service and detail product functionality explanation. Dr Kong provides healthy shoes and foot care products for babies, children, adult and the elderly so that everyone can wear comfortably and healthily. We rely on your support to make Dr Kong as customer’s confident and health-concerned top choice. In the future, we will continue to expand our business with a humble heart and work hard in proclaiming foot and spine health!