Kid Concept

Kid’s Insole ABC

Dr Kong’s professional footcare assistants measure rearfoot valgus index and examine foot condition through VI foot examination system. According to the children’s needs, they recommend suitable A, B or C insoles which are equipped with different arch support and sloped heel to support low foot arch and keep heel upright.

Besides, the health shoes’ hard heel counter stabilizes heel bone. With a firm midsole, it supports body weight and creates an excellent environment for foot development. Children can then wear comfortably!

Total contact sandal - Total contact concept

Specially designed with “Toe Crest”, total contact sandal stabilizes forefoot when walking. Together with “Arch Support” for supporting foot arch and “Heel Cradle Design” to increase heel contact area, it has a close contact with both feet upon wearing and redistribute pressure evenly along the foot bottom. Children wear it comfortably and healthily!